Everything there is to know about storm doors

In this article I will be going over storm door replacement tips. You may have a storm door or plan to add one in the future,

and it is important you know how they work and what you need to do when maintaining them so they remain functional and look good. If you have a steel security door , it may be a good idea to read my previous articles about these types of doors located here: [link title]

I’ll start with a bit of background on storm doors, both for people who don’t know much about them or are considering adding one, and also for individuals who already own one but aren’t familiar with all the aspects involved. Storm doors are made out of aluminum; some have a vinyl coating and others have a steel exterior, but either way they are less sturdy than an actual security door. The window is often made out of glass or plexiglass.

The main components that make up a storm door are the “frame” (the piece that attaches to the home’s front entrance), the “panels” (there may be 2-4 panels depending on how large it is), and the “closer” (the part that allows you to open and close it by pulling or pushing). You can see what those components look like here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfNpHpruG5Y

Storm doors work as an extra barrier in order to protect your home in case of a break-in. Although it could be used as an emergency exit, you must remember that these are not actual security doors and if someone were to break in, they would eventually get inside. This is why it’s important for the interior door to also have some type of protection (deadbolt lock or whatever else). You may choose to purchase additional locks for windows or other areas around your home so you feel more secure. Or maybe adding storm doors will satisfy your need for better protection against intruders?

Storm door replacement tips:

Be sure to check the hinges at least once every couple months. If the bolts loosen, this can cause problems with opening and closing the door properly.  You can easily tighten them yourself, and I’m sure you’re capable of doing so.   

Choose a door closer based on the size of the panels and overall size of the door. If it is too small for your storm door , you may run into problems with it functioning properly. Be sure to measure before ordering a new one!   You want something sturdy enough to handle your large panel but light enough that can still open and close it without trouble. Also consider if you will be using this as an emergency exit because not all doors come with locks installed . 

You may want to cover up any glass or plexiglass in order to eliminate blind spots as someone could hide behind your storm door as a way into your home. This doesn’t have to be permanent, just hang up a blanket or curtain. If you don’t want this fixing to take long, then I would recommend adding a solid exterior storm door rather than replacing your existing one with plexiglass. 

Storm doors are very beneficial because they help insulate the home in addition to keeping out any unwanted intruders.   Although they’re made of aluminum/vinyl, the frame still acts as a barrier between outside weather conditions and your home’s interior. This is why it is important for them not to be damaged by the elements (they are more delicate/fragile than security doors). Make sure if there are any holes or broken pieces that you fix those as soon as possible; try using some type of covering (like cardboard) to keep debris out of the inside. 

Storm doors also come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes so it is best to figure out exactly what you want. As for costs, I have found that they range from $100-$300 depending on your needs/preferences. For example whether or not you need a lock or if it has to be tempered glass . In addition to these prices, there may be additional charges for installation by a professional . Take all factors into consideration before deciding on a storm door replacement cost ; go online and check local hardware stores as well as home supply businesses. Also look at Craigslist or other areas where consumers can buy/sell used products; you might find someone selling their old storm door for a good deal!  

DIY Storm Door Replacement – In the video below, you can see that this guy demonstrates how to replace a damaged exterior storm door. I would recommend doing this type of work yourself if you have the tools and know-how. It will cost less money in addition to giving you a sense of satisfaction when your project is completed in a timely manner!   

Final Thoughts on Storm Doors : 

  So what do you think? Would it be beneficial to add at least one storm door to your house? Some may say that it’s not necessarily needed for a home that is well protected, but it never hurts to have one for added protection. If you want a sense of security and better manage the wear and tear of your home’s exterior, then I recommend changing those old clunky storm doors as soon as possible!